Transforming a Complex B2B Giant to Resonate with Multiple Audiences

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Milacron, a dominant force in the global plastics industry, embarked on a comprehensive website overhaul with a dual objective: to redefine its identity from a mere machine provider and showcase its wide-ranging products and capabilities spanning diverse industries.

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Recognizing that acquiring a capital expenditure is a significant decision, Orchard adopted a research-driven approach to thoroughly grasp the crucial touchpoints in the customer journey, identify essential content that facilitates Milacron’s purchasing process, and develop their unique positioning in the market. Key steps included:

  • International customer research
  • Marketable hypothesis to pinpoint Milacron’s points of difference
  • Development of multiple unique customer journeys
  • User story creation to ensure the needs of all audiences were met in their website experience
  • New and revised website content that captured the tone of Milacron’s positioning as a holistic process and lifecycle partner

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Orchard’s research driven approach provided key insights that led Milacron to realize itself as a full lifecycle partner, providing a partnership that their customers can trust and is built to last decades.

Commercial Impact

A global website that effectively communicates the company’s transformed positioning while connecting with multiple audiences in a more engaging and conversion-driven experience.

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