Aglamesis’ Digital Transformation

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Aglamesis, a longstanding Cincinnati confections company, faced a significant shift in their target audience’s preferences, with a growing demand for online purchases over traditional brick-and-mortar shopping. This change posed challenges for their outdated website which struggled with sales demands and order fulfillment. The company needed a website redesign that met user needs while also reflecting the brand’s refreshed identity which updated its iconic stripes and black-and-pink color scheme.

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Orchard tackled the challenge by modernizing the Aglamesis website to meet evolving user preferences while capturing the brand’s unique, newly refreshed identity. Integrating representative design elements such as stripes and the black-and-pink color scheme, Orchard’s website redesign encompassed UX improvements and backend development, aligning the site with both user needs and the brand’s updated identity.

A key aspect of Orchard’s strategy was the introduction of a “Build Your Six Pack” feature, crucial not only for enhancing the shopping experience but also for streamlining order fulfillment. This feature empowered users to customize their ice cream orders effortlessly, catering to the preferences of the increasingly digital-savvy audience while facilitating efficient order processing.

Users ordering from the Aglamesis website


By addressing the outdated technology and poor user experience while also incorporating the new brand identity, Orchard enabled Aglamesis to provide seamless online shopping and a consistent brand experience.


A simpler shopping experience and better functionality set up the site for increased user engagement, priming Aglemesis for a substantial online sales boost.

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