Beyond the Click: Converting Clicks to Clients

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Caravel Autism Health helps families navigate the challenges of autism through evaluation, diagnosis and on-going treatment. As a place-based business (60+ centers across five states), the company had several locations struggling to attract and convert quality leads in line with performance goals. Media investments were not consistently delivering results, nor were they measurable, which made it impossible for the company to gauge business impact, learn, and optimize. Also, elements of the marketing infrastructure were inconsistent, missing, or outdated. This notably compromised search performance.

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Orchard implemented several key initiatives that transformed performance outcomes. We:

  • Drove media measurement throughout the customer journey to discover which clicks become clients.
  • Supported struggling locations with a playbook that included adjustments to media mix and investment.
  • Built continuous learning into the plan; optimized business listings and location pages to drive organic traffic.

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Orchard shifted Caravel to a more expansive and intentional view of media metrics that emphasized feeding and measuring sales drivers and predictors, i.e., qualified leads, CPQL, forecasted qualified leads and incremental clients. Programming and flexibility tailored to each location’s specific performance dynamic also contributed to overall success.

Commercial Impact


increase in
conversion rate


increase in monthly leads at supported locations


decrease in cost per new client

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