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With over 55 stores and looking to expand its footprint, Tire Discounters was one of the fastest growing retail chains in the Midwest. Considering that each location had its own unique needs in a variety of highly competitive markets, the brand was looking to measure business performance and leverage learnings in order to boost marketing impact and grow share at its existing stores. Tire Discounters also needed to leverage gathered intelligence for effective application as it moved into future markets.

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Utilizing a test, assess and scale mindset, Orchard broke down data silos and integrated online platforms for actionable business and marketing intelligence. Our team:

  • Utilized social properties and took a data-centric, hyper-local approach
  • Leveraged the website as central hub driving content, personalization and lead generation
  • Created advanced data analytics protocols that drove real-time decision-making and optimizations

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Orchard drove digital transformation across marketing, analytics and the web – and developed a playbook for location marketing and analytics programs. A confluence of advanced insights derived from data, geolocation at scale, and resonant content boosted conversions and store traffic for Tire Discounters across the map.

Commercial Impact

Here’s how the rubber met the road:


Increase in digital conversions


Increase in store foot traffic


New Locations opened

Regional footprint expanded from 2 to 5 states

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