Google Releases New Search Format

October 25, 2022

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Google Ads announced this month, October 2022, a global rollout of the new Search Ads format. While there isn’t a formal name of the update, it appears Google has been calling this new feature on ads “Business Information”. Essentially, this update allows advertisers to append business name and logo to Search Ads.

Ad Preview via Google

The rationale behind this update is a focus on Ads transparency, or further distinguishing Paid listings from Organic listings as this format only impacts paid ads. At Orchard, we’re approaching this update with excitement and enthusiasm as we’re anticipating greater performance on this channel.

How Will This Impact Performance?

Our guess is that this update could only improve performance! While Google hasn’t published anything on this front, we have all reasons to believe this will improve CTR and CPC. The Business Information updates are highly aesthetic (with brand logos and focus on organization name) and will likely heighten brand campaigns, increasing brand recall and recognition.

Who Is Eligible for This Update?

According to Google, most advertisers on Google Ads will be eligible for Business Information updates. Verbatim from Google, here are the requirements:

  • Account has been open for more than 90 days
  • Account has a good history of policy compliance
  • Account has active campaigns
  • Account has active text ads and has been occurring spend on Search campaigns for at least the last 28 days
  • Account is in an eligible vertical or sub-vertical (sensitive verticals or sub-verticals aren’t eligible for Business Information currently)
  • Accounts has completed the Advertiser Verification Program

How Do I Update Search Ads to Reflect Business Information?

According to Google, most advertisers on Google Ads will be eligible for Business Information updates. Verbatim from Google, here are the requirements. Initially, Google Ads will crawl the respective advertiser’s website and dynamically pull the Business Name and logo. This means the upfront work is done for you, but Google is allowing for manual workaround if these assets don’t pull in according to the advertiser’s desires or wishes.

Under the “Assets” tab, marketers have the option to upload one business name and business logo under each Search campaign. Likewise with other Google Ads updates, this can be applied across multiple campaigns. Google has also provided details on business name and logo requirements.

When Will This Go into Effect?

Google hasn’t published dates for the Business Information update, but we can assume this update will be pushed live through the end of 2022 and early 2023. We expect all eligible Search Ads to reflect this update by the end of Q1 2023.






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