Orchard’s Ethical Pillars: Guiding Our AI Journey in Cincinnati

September 28, 2023

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In the bustling realm of digital innovations, the rise of generative AI has cast a transformative spell. While many dive headfirst into this revolution, Cincinnati’s trailblazing agency, Orchard, has paused to reflect. Under the watchful eye of the AI Council, Orchard has established robust ethical guidelines for generative AI, serving as an unwavering moral compass for us, our clients, and our communities at large.

We call this Orchard’s Generative AI Doctrine under Soft Law 2.0.

Rooted in Principle: Our Generative AI Ethics and Commitments

Orchard’s footprint in Cincinnati’s digital domain is marked not just by technological prowess but also by a steadfast adherence to its AI Principles & Commitments. Central to this ethos is the sanctity of training data. We’re firm in our resolve:

Our promises echo AI ethics louder than most:

  • Trade secrets remain ours; they won’t be shared with AI technologies.
  • Every Orchard team member undergoes rigorous AI training, ensuring that our interaction with AI is rooted in knowledge and cautionary bias and fairness.
  • We conduct regular compliance checks, ensuring our AI tools align with our ethical barometer.

And at the heart of our Generative AI strategy is the human touch. AI, in our Cincinnati headquarters and beyond, is an amplifier of our capabilities, not a replacement. Our conviction in human knowledge, emotion, and creativity is unwavering. AI bears immense power – to educate, inspire, and transform. At Orchard, we ensure this power is channeled responsibly, never to deceive or mislead.

Data Privacy: Respecting the Individual

While Generative AI promises customization, Orchard ensures it doesn’t come at the expense of privacy. We stand firmly against feeding personalized, identifiable data into AI. Our policy adheres strictly to data privacy laws, respecting consumer boundaries and pivoting on our moral compass when the legal frameworks do not act fast enough.

Partnering with Leaders: A Collaborative Ethical Path to Generative AI

Our journey in generative AI and broader AI domains is enriched through strategic partnerships. Collaborating with stalwarts (just to name only a very small few) like OpenAI, Google, Marketing AI Institute, and Anthropic, we ensure our AI undertakings in Cincinnati and beyond resonate with global best practices.


In Cincinnati’s dynamic AI landscape, Orchard stands tall, not just as an innovator but as a beacon of AI ethics. Under the guidance of the AI Council, with a robust moral compass in place, we’re pioneering a journey where generative AI meets ethical considerations, proving that innovation and responsibility can, indeed, go hand in hand.

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