TikTok Challenges Google and Microsoft with New Search Ads Platform

August 23, 2023

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Google has been the dominant player in the search ads market for many years, but as TikTok is making strides in the advertising industry, there might be a challenge to Google’s reign. Last year during TikTok’s beta test rollout, users were able to gather search terms responsible for conversions and utilize high headline click-through rates to determine best performing TikTok videos.

TikTok is no longer just a social media platform, but instead, it is naturally morphing into a search engine as well. Composed of millions of Gen Z and Millennial users, individuals are turning to TikTok more than ever for recommendations, recipes, tutorials, and even news. Instead of searching for coffee shops or travel tips on Google, the younger generation is searching for these answers on TikTok.


Like the Google Ads Platform, businesses have the opportunity to bid on keywords and phrases related to its products/services on the search ads platform of TikTok. Due to the curated stream of videos, with personalized options based on users’ interests, TikTok will have an advantage of having a platform more appealing to advertisers with their detailed targeting options. As TikTok finds its way to compete with other high performing search engines, Google for example, they will need to continue to provide significant features to attract advertisers.


As mentioned, Google has been the go-to platform for all things search-related up until this point. But as Paid Search primary falls in the consideration and acquisition phases of the marketing funnel, it is important to meet your consumers where they are and capture them when they are ready to act. Gen Z and Millennials turn to TikTok for product suggestions and reviews, so being in front of a large audience on a platform that they trust is advantageous. Over the next few months, we should begin to see the impact TikTok search has on other search platforms. However, we always recommend utilizing various channels to keep your marketing plan agile and versatile, presenting your products or services to your audience no matter their preferred channel.

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