Influencer-Driven Sustainability Messaging Powers Small Business Engagement & Leads

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DHL was looking to drive engagement with small business owners, an audience whom they saw as a substantial growth opportunity. Their internal team developed a campaign that positioned DHL as the “sustainable shipping solution for small business,” appealing to owners’ interest in incorporating green practices as they take their ecommerce initiatives global. The campaign featured a giveaway with a chance to win up to $10K in a DHL Shipping Stipend and a customized sustainability plan worth $20K. Orchard was tasked with taking the campaign and developing a cross-platform social media execution that would engage the target and drive leads for DHL’s services.


We secured popular ecommerce creators/influencers who have a substantial social media following among small business owners to develop static and video content that mixed educational and aligned campaign/giveaway messaging across their diverse platforms. We complemented the influencer content with targeted paid promotion of owned media to further distribute the message and tracked campaign performance in real-time to optimize spend and improve results.


Our influencer-focused approach tapped into the authentic engagement that the creators have with their (and DHL’s target) audience. The trust which they engender and the enthusiasm with which they promoted the campaign messaging drove high visibility for the giveaway among ideal small business segments. The integrated strategy of using complementary owned media to expand awareness of the initiative delivered a campaign that was more impactful and cost-efficient than if we had relied solely on self-promoted content.

Commercial Impact

Grand Prize winner & 4 Runners-Up awarded

Generated over 1.3k new leads while achieving a CPL 37% lower than benchmark

Drove strong engagement rates of 32% on Meta & 15% on Instagram

Doubled engagement rate achieving an impressive 9% across channels

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