From Passive Data Repository to an Active, E2E Marketing Hub


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With 60+ locations spread across 5 states, Caravel Autism Health is a leader in the field of helping families navigate the challenges of autism through evaluation, diagnosis, and therapy. The company’s customer journey is filled with uncertainty, complexity, urgency, and emotion. It was imperative that Caravel establish an integrated system rooted in data integrity to develop and nurture leads through this customer journey from contact to conversation to conversion. However, the chosen MarTech solution in Salesforce and Pardot wasn’t being fully utilized, nor was it integrated as a total solution. Crucially, data was being lost.

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Orchard set about engineering a solution that provided a seamless, end-to-end flow of performance data that fused MarTech with the Customer Decision Journey (CDJ) and accurate, attributable behaviors. We designed the solution to:

  • Seamlessly capture the full 360° of data to offer a complete picture of real-time and urgent business needs.
  • Iteratively increase knowledge through data attribution via media and/or customer behavior patterns.
  • Provide a data-informed path for communications with prospects and optimizations of ongoing media investments.



Orchard built a solution that fed the right call data to both Salesforce and Google –completing the marketing circuitry. The MarTech integration included:

  • Intake numbers.
  • Integration triggers from CallRail ⇒ Analytics and Salesforce.
  • UTM values passed to Salesforce.
  • Data mapping & implementation across platforms.

Commercial Impact

A data integrity model to deliver cost per qualified lead

Ability to discern cost-per-inquiry and client by channel

A singular data platform experience

Personalized customer experiences and attribution

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