Assets Now Playing Bigger Role in Google Ad Creation

February 24, 2023

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Google Ad Assets (formerly known as Extensions) have played a supplementary role in campaigns up until now, but moving forward, Google is pushing them to become more of a priority in ads. Not only will this provide more useful information to users, but clearer conversion actions for advertisers.

Google Assets Ad Preview
Ad Preview via Google


There are nine types of Ad Assets that can be applied to your ads, all of which provide more context to your business. Assets present details that allow users to take direct action, whether that is a Call Asset that allows a direct phone call or a Sitelink Asset that will take a user to their desired page on your site. With no additional cost to the advertiser to use Google Assets, advertisers are charged the same as they are for a click on ads without these assets.


Assets give ads “greater visibility and prominence” on SERPs which in turn cause ads to see a lift in performance when they are in use. On the contrary, Google only serves an asset if they believe that it will improve the likelihood of an ad being clicked. By the numbers, advertisers tend to see a 10%-20% increase in Click Through Rates when assets are used.


Up until now, Asset creation was a separate process from the creation of ads. Moving forward, advertisers can create Assets in the same step that you make Search Ads. The assets will also appear in the ad preview and will be applicable across campaigns. With the ability to include assets from the very beginning, utilizing them is less of a question of why, but why not! Also moving forward, Google will recommend the asset that is most likely to help achieve campaign objectives and goals.

Another improvement to the process is the ability to see how ads perform alongside headlines and descriptions. Seeing creative holistically will allow advertisers to stay nimble with ad copy and other creative and ensure that campaigns are always optimizing toward what the creative that is performing best.


Some of these features, such as being able to apply an asset from the creation of the ad, have already been rolled out in Google Ads. For the Combination Report, we can expect to see those results in Early 2023.

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