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Turn to Orchard to help you stay connected with current customers and reach new audiences

with multi-channel digital programs and optimized websites that build emotional connections, drive purchases, and encourage and facilitate appointment-making. Social, content, search, email marketing, display and remarketing, and more—we’ll uncover the strategies and employ proven, powerful tactics to engage your consumer in ways that result in your ultimate goal: to grow revenue.

Battery Recyclers of America: Connecting CRM and Marketing Intelligence for maximum ROI

Imagine if you could generate data intelligence from all your marketing channel activities, tie this intelligence into your CRM and have platforms share information for maximum ROI. Better yet, what if you could understand down to the channel, tactic, keyword and device what is driving not only strong revenue but profitable revenue?

This program is what the Orchard team architected for Battery Recyclers of America, helping the company move from a smart, successful, profitable business to an even smarter, more successful and more profitable business. By continually leveraging holistic data intelligence, we enabled Battery Recyclers of America to continually optimize their digital programs and investment to deliver quality leads at an optimal cost per acquisition.

Channels and activities include:

  • Google Analytics, Adwords and Salesforce Integration
  • Analytics Architecture, Data Insights and Performance Optimizations
  • Targeted LinkedIn, Adwords, Remarketing, Segmented Email marketing, Video Content, SEO
  • Campaign Landing Pages, Conversion Rate Optimization

Organized Living: Structuring a Measurement Model for Optimal Performance

Organized Living, a leader in home storage systems, was looking to fully measure and continually optimize their newly designed website destination. To meet this objective Orchard architected and implemented a structured measurement model working closely with the brand team to align core KPI’s with business objectives. The result? A framework that allows the agency to provide continuous data insights and optimization recommendations for improved marketing performance and results.

Results driven solutions. Analytics at the core.

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