Pam McDonough

Account Director

Pam McDonough

Pam McDonough

With over 14 years experience in digital marketing—including a deep knowledge of search (SEO and PPC) and its key role in holistic marketing strategies—Pam oversees all aspects of account strategy. She’s passionate about utilizing data and knowledge of user behavior to develop unique, integrated marketing strategies that help clients meet their business objectives and goals. In addition to her expertise in senior living, Pam has worked with a wide range of clients across a variety of businesses including healthcare, e-commerce, and B2B.

What did you dream you would be when you grew up? A lawyer or a broadway star

Is there any one book, person, place or thing that has influenced you the most? I have been fortunate to have had great mentors throughout my life and career that have helped shape who I am. Overall, my family and the way they raised me to work hard, while never shutting down my curiosity, independence or drive even if they didn’t agree was so incredibly important to where I ended up.

What excites you about the agency business & marketing? I get to help people make smarter decisions that impact their business. No day is ever the same and I get to work in lots of different industries and utilize those learnings across disciplines.

Where did you grow up? A rural Iowa setting, that used to be a town called Lima. Think gravel road in the middle of nowhere, with my close neighbors being an old church and cemetery as the only remaining buildings of the past. Growing up I couldn’t wait to leave this setting, however I do appreciate the love of nature and the outdoors, respect for history, and my imagination that grew from this setting.

Do you have any passion projects outside of Orchard? I love to travel whenever possible! Also, the last year and a half has been filled with restoring our 1962 Mid-Century Modern house, which has been one big labor of love – a passion project that will continue for many years!

Describe your family (husband, dog, cat & bird….) My husband Grant and almost 3-year-old daughter Caitrin. Then there’s Murphy, our dopey but sweet Bernese Mountain Dog. As my daughter calls it – we like to “go on adventures” and are always keeping busy, whether that is travel, friend time, concerts, hiking, picnic’s, or stopping in our favorite brewery.

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Bring passion into everything you do, however don’t forget to stop and enjoy the little things.


-Pam McDonough

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