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Heather Volpenhein

Heather Volpenhein

Heather takes a user-first approach in overseeing the creation of high performing and engaging website experiences. With her deep expertise in understanding user needs and mapping those to business and brand offerings, she architects site experiences that are rich with design, relevant with content, and easy to navigate. Heather leads all website initiatives at the agency and has been at the helm in studying a depth of data in the senior living category to create the optimal senior living website experience; one that engages and drives inquiries.

What did you dream you would be when you grew up? I am fascinated with true-crime and wanted to be an investigator or lawyer when I was younger. While agency life is quite the opposite of that, there are similarities in the research, focus, and problem-solving required for both disciplines.

Is there any one book, person, place or thing that has influenced you the most? Raised in a Catholic family of seven, I am the second oldest of four brothers. Growing up with all boys definitely contributed to my competitive nature.

What excites you about the agency business & marketing? The fast-paced, thinking on your feet atmosphere excites me. Problem-solving paired with creative thinking are two of my favorite pastimes.

Where did you grow up? I was born and raised in Northern Kentucky. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school and UK for college where I studied Integrated Strategic Communications and Digital Media and Design.

Do you have any passion projects outside of Orchard? I love working on my craft and Cincinnati has a great UX community that is constantly hosting events and workshops led by SME that I always try to attend. In my free time, I enjoy organizing, working out, playing all and any sports (especially soccer) and running while listening to true-crime podcasts.

Describe your family (husband, dog, cat & bird….) My fiancé is an English teacher and basketball coach at Beechwood High School. It’s amazing to see the passion he has for his job and gives me such a respect for teachers.

Any special awards or recognitions? I am the proud recipient of the “Most Likely to Rule the World” award presented at the 2018 Orchard Christmas party.

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Empathy is necessary when advocating for users by gaining a deeper understanding of their perspectives & finding solutions for their obstacles through proactive research & creative problem-solving.


-Heather Volpenhein

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