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Project Manager

Colleen Donohoue

Graduated from NKU with a BFA in Photography. I began my career with Leap Agency where I managed the LEAP Frame team for 4.5 years as a producer and project manager. I come from a strong background in management and content marketing.

What did you dream you would be when you grew up? Honestly I thought I was going to be a dancer, and then a veterinarian when I was young. I didn’t discover that creativity could lead to a career path until I was in high school, and even then I was torn between the art and business world. I’m lucky enough to have grown into a position that lets me experience the best of both worlds.

Is there any one book, person, place or thing that has influenced you the most? I’ve had so many wonderful mentors that have all taught me valuable lessons both in my professional and personal life. A recent book that has been very impactful on my career would be Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. It’s challenged me in a lot of good ways to be aware and recognize where I need to push myself in order to continue on a leadership path.

What excites you about the agency business & marketing? Agency life and the Marketing industry is an Adrenaline rush. You get to work with the coolest creative people and be a part of a team that is continually finding new ways to solve challenges. It has many avenues and is always changing, allowing plenty of room for individuals to continually grow and evolve.

Where did you grow up? I grew up on a 14 acre farm in Independence Kentucky surrounded by family.

Do you have any passion projects outside of Orchard? Photography has always been a consistent passion in my life, but I always love picking up new creative projects. I also enjoy camping, hiking and just being in nature in general.

Describe your family (husband, dog, cat & bird….) I met my husband Jake in college at NKU. He is a talented designer, an amazing cook,and my own personal comedian. He has the best laugh in the world, a kind heart, and is always my biggest supporter. Our dog’s name is Steak (Jake named him). He is a quirky 85 pound Staffordshire Terrier mix. If he had to pick between me or Jake forever he would choose the tennis ball every time. He will eat almost anything, has to wear a lifejacket in the water, and thinks sticks are life.

Any special awards or recognitions? The team I led at LEAP Frame took home two Gold Addy awards this year for Design and Animation.