It all began with search.
Orchard began with a focus on understanding audience search behavior and applying that understanding to connect brands and businesses to digital “hand-raisers” who were seeking solutions.

That’s where we started.

But our ultimate goal has always been to help our clients build their businesses—to help them acquire quality, viable leads that result in real, measurable growth. And to do that, we needed to do more. So, what “began with search” has now evolved into a full-service digital marketing agency with an expertise in the complete range of holistic digital solutions. We create relevant, targeted content. We find ways to be present in the most important digital channels in order to connect with target audiences and guide them at each step along their journey. We create engaging website experiences that are specifically designed to lead to conversion. And once we’ve done all of that, we continue to refine and optimize to make it all work even better.

So, what’s behind this deep understanding of the online consumer? What lies at the core of our ability to use technology to influence behavior and drive conversion?

Data analytics and insights.

From the very beginning, these are the things that have been the bedrock of our agency, our outlook, and our work.

We’re dedicated to working with top-notch talent.

Orchard’s expertise spans across data insights and analytics, digital strategy, creative and content, and paid media and social. The successes we create for our clients start with our talented team and their endless dedication to the work. The results speak for themselves.

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  • Organized Living
  • Life Care Services
  • Overhead Door
  • Roto-Rooter
  • "Mitchells
  • University of Dayton
  • LCS
  • Friendship Village
  • StoneRidge

We’re focused on the simple idea that data tells a story, and when that story is understood, it can be shaped to deliver the ideal outcome.

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